Thursday, March 11, 2010

Strategic Brand Management by Kevin Lane Keller

Strategic Brand Management by Kevin Lane Keller, Pearson Education, 2008

Strategic Brand Management by Kevin Lane Keller provides a great overview of creating, growing, measuring and maintaining a brand but its attempt at being exhaustive, exhausted me.

My MBA program assigned me Keller's text for a class on, you guessed it, marketing and branding!!!

The book focuses heavily on the concept of the customer-based brand equity framework, which stresses recognizing the importance of the customer in the creation and management of brand equity.

Some of the more interesting topics covered in the book include: Positioning a brand, extending a brand and measuring the value of a brand.

Throughout the book, Keller deftly mixes real world examples with qualitative and quantitative research to illustrate his points. My favorite example was in failed brand extensions where Keller notes that Dominos Pizza tried to release a Dominos-branded line of bubble gum!

Unfortunately, the book tries to do to much, and becomes bland and exhausting to read by the later chapters, which cover growing a brand over time, into different segments and into other geographies.

My advice is to read chapters 1 through 10 and call it done.
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