Friday, February 19, 2010

It's not what you know. It's why you know it.

I've launched this rant twice in month's span, which means I have to put it down on paper.

Yes, yes. You in the back?

"Isn't this a blog? I don't see any paper."

Sir, remove yourself from my face.

As I was saying, to avoid having the rant on this subject again, I thought I'd, hm, blog about it.

I'm not interested in people's opinions.

No, no. Seriously. Hear me out.

Opinions are so limited and mostly unoriginal.

Take for example universal health care. To have or not to have? That's a lame question.

What are you going to learn about the person based on that singular opinion.

What interests me much more is why someone feels we should or should not have universal health care.

Is it an original thought?

Is it regurgitated from a talk show host?

Is there a personal story behind it?

Sadly, what you'll find a lot of the time is that most people don't have a reason behind their opinions, and these people then carry this nebulous opinion into voting booths and elect people based on those opinions who then run our country.

I digress.

My point is, it's easy to have an opinion. But much harder to know why you have an opinion.

The latter is what I'm interested in.

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