Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prayer Works

I know prayer works. This is nothing new to me, but I was reminded of it just today.

Now, whether prayer actually worked in this case really isn't the point, but if it did, great, and if not, great.

Anyway, a friend of mine had a hurt neck, and I promised I'd say a prayer for Jehova Rapha, The Lord our Healer or the God Who Heals, to heal my friend of all physical ailments.

And while the neck pain wasn't gone today, my friend told me out of the blue they could see perfectly clearly with glasses or contacts and that nothing like that had every happened to them before.

I hope and pray the vision stays that way but even if it doesn't and even if my prayer had nothing to do with the healing, the event still reminded me that prayer works and even when it doesn't, it's still important.

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