Thursday, March 25, 2010

Apple does the right thing [iPhone]

I actually feel a bit sad that I have to write this post, but when big companies do the right thing these days, such acts are praiseworthy.

I bought an iPhone 3GS soon after Apple released it back in June. So less than I year after I bought it, it breaks..and I literally did nothing. No jailbreaking. No dropping. Nothing.

I put it in my car's cup holder while a friend and I played tennis and then relaxed in a hot tub. When I got back in my car, I grabbed the phone to text my friend and it gave me some weird warning sign like "This iPhone cannot send or receive calls. Please restore it via iTunes."

I found this odd, but not that surprising.

But then I couldn't restore it. iTunes wouldn't even recognize it.

So I put it in DCU mode and tried to restore it.

iTunes got halfway through the process and then crapped out with a strange "Error 23".

There was some debate as to whether this was a hardware issue or not, and Apple suggested some things, non of which worked.

So i deleted the local firmware from my computer, forcing iTunes to download a new one and try again.

This time, we got a bit further through the process, but it died with Error 23 again. At this point, it's about 8:00 p.m. and I see there is one appointment left at the Grove Apple Store at 8:50 p.m. I book it and pick up my friend, and we're off.

I make the appointment and tell the Genius that it's Error 23. He groans. He knows. My iPhone is toast, but, naturally, he has to confirm it himself. He does.

Two questions left.

  1. Will I get a free replacement?
  2. Will I get it tonight?
Now, I use my iPhone. This one was beat up, but nothing that would have caused the Error 23. Like I said, I was no where near the thing when it went haywire. So, the Genius takes a look and sees a small crack. He has to check for water damage.

Now, there is no way this thing had water damage, but the Genius could have easily said there was, and I would have bitched but paid for a new one right there. But he happily told me there was no water damage. Free iPhone. On the spot.

Here's the thing. This is my second free iPhone. I had an original that broke and Apple did the same thing.

So, thank you Apple. Thank you Grove Apple Store. Thank you Ivex (the Genius' name, which I'm sure I misspelled). And a big thank you to my friend for going with me.

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