Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Could Small Be The New Big? [Business]

These are my thoughts on Could Small Be The New Big? from the American Express OPEN Forum.

Small is the new big. And it goes deeper than that.

This is the classic Right Now Plan vs the Deferred Life plan first coined in the Monk and the Riddle.

Both Johnny CupCakes and David Garland love what they're doing. Yes, they are financially successful, but both would probably do what they're doing right now even if they weren't.

They're not trying to postpone happiness. They found a way to make money from doing what makes them happy.

David loves helping entrepreneurs. He's infectious with his positive attitude.

Johnny loves making shirts and helping those close to him: His friends and family.

It's societal-business harmony.

One more take on Small being the new Big.

I believe the next Big, Small thing is really small as in miniscule. Timothy Farris put it forward in The 4-Hour Workweek.

Automate your income.

Are you good at verbal skills? Record a DVD, helping people build their verbal skills for the SAT.

Are you a certified court translator? Record a podcast helping others learn the language and charge $2 a download.

Investment advisor? Daily stock tip. Charge .99 cents.

This is the genius behind virtual gifts, the App Store and the iTunes Store. Mutually beneficial relationships between business and customers.

By themselves, each transaction is worth nothing. Hit critical mass, and you're talking about making a nice income off of something you like to do anyway.

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