Monday, March 29, 2010

Foursquare’s Growth Not Slowing Down: 725,000 Users, 22 Million Checkins

I just read on Mashable that Foursquare just reached 725k users, who have produced 22 Million Checkins.

That's impressive and believable. Unlike the inflated startup numbers that I constantly read: 3 million users, 10 million visitors, etc, this I totally believe.

Consider that Foursquare launched with a slowly growing limited release, it's especially impressive.

It's also a little scary.

Checkins threaten to be the worst kind of spam, especially because of the products close tie-in with Twitter.

Think about it. What's the typical example you hear from critics of Twitter? "I don't care if you're eating a banana."

That's almost synonymous with "I'm at x, y, z." Do I really care? Not really.

In order to maintain its growth, Foursquare is going to have to do something to better encourage its users to leave tips and shouts. That's the stuff that's useful.

But I fear the location spam.
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