Saturday, April 3, 2010

MBA: Globalization

1) How would you characterize your organization's international presence (or lack thereof)?
Growing internationally has been a company priority for ESPN for four of the last five years, including this year. We have opened offices in London, Argentina and China in the last year. Also, our acquisitions reflect this in such purchases as CricInfo and Scrum. We have dedicated departments to different areas of the globe (ESPN Deportes, for example) and International in general. Clearly, ESPN’s dominate position as the sports leader in the States isn’t as strong world wide, but that is our goal. This effort has trickled down to my group as we are working to “internationalize” our social network so fans can communicate in any language.

2) What are the effects of imports or foreign competitors on prices paid by your organization for inputs?
I’m actually not sure what effects exist on prices we pay for inputs. For our group, there really isn’t any. For the larger company, I’m sure we import certain technologies for building our digital televisions centers and things of that nature, but I’m not sure.

3) I really don’t know how the cable satellite market works in other countries, but if it is anything like here, we have to match other countries carry fee in order for cable companies to carry our programming. Our group must adjust the CPM we charge advertisers for running ads targeted to certain international communities.
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