Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm edumacated

There's book smart and then there's street smart. And then there's me smart.

When I get my MBA on April 19, I will have three degrees from the University of Florida and zero debt (Amazing!)

I graduated high school in 2000 only to finish my B.S. in Journalism two years later, graduating with highest honors, a 3.9 GPA, the Ruth and Rae O. Weimer Award (for most outstanding graduate) and the award for most outstanding journalism graduate.

Two years later, I snagged an M.A. in Mass Communication with distinction and a 3.8 GPA.

Impressive right?

Maybe until you consider that I couldn't spell my own name without looking at my drivers license (yes, I had to use auto correct to fix "license"). "Recommendation"? Nope. "Entrepreneur"? Seriously? 

Or until you consider the fact that just today, I dropped my dirty red underwear in an elevator while leaving the gym and didn't notice it until I got to my car. And then decided to save face by leaving them there.

Shoelaces? My worst enemy.

Dangling objects? Causing forehead injuries since 1982.

You may say that's clumsiness. But, I am a damn good athlete and walked on at the University of Florida. No, I can ball, son.

I just learn what I have to when I have to how I have to.

I don't get embarrassed (no, I didn't know how to spell that) easily, so what do I care if I trip and fall?

I have a hard head, so banging it isn't a problem.

I'm never more than three seconds from the Internet, so spelling takes care of itself.

No, what I'm really good at is figuring out what I need to know and mastering whatever the heck that is. I figured out what I needed to know to get some degrees, and, dang it, I did it.

I figured out I needed to learn PHP (or Ruby or Python or Javascript or Java or SQL or Lua or C or Flash or.....), and, dang it, I learned 'em.

I figured out I needed to learn how to run a business, and... you get the point.

I attribute hard work and dedication for this more than anything else. Nothing comes easily to me, except maybe sarcasm. I've had to work, scrap, pick, pester, read, listen, research, deny sleep and work more for all the skill and knowledge I have.

Would I like to be a prodigy at something. Nooooo (there's that sarcasm). Do I think not being a prodigy at anything taught me how to work hard and teach myself? Absolutely.

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