Saturday, March 6, 2010

Move In Day

March 1. Three weeks after I put down my security deposit. Move in Day.

I'd have an address.

I'd have a bed.

I'd have a bathroom.

I'd have...this overpowering smell.

OK, smell not withstanding, I got pretty excited.

Fortunately, I don't own a lot of stuff, so "moving in" consisted of one car ride to my new abode with a pillow, blanket, sheet, computer gear, clothes, toiletries and some Think Thin Bars.

A good friend of mine is crying somewhere right now.

Anyway, I rolled up at about 10 p.m., which is pretty late for me, and found some free street parking.

I made sure I locked my car 22 times and tried to hide my high-priced monitor as I darted for the safety of the Academy House.

Earlier in the day, Angie had given me the key to my room and the front door, which I'm pretty sure is bullet proof. She also showed me the kitchen for the 43rd time and explained that it was communal, which I hoped because, otherwise, a weird, half naked dude was cooking in my kitchen. Then she took me up to my room.

I'd be staying in room 204. Right at the end of the staircase. Which is where I found myself now with a box full of gear.

I unlock the door, although, I'm pretty sure a hard shove could bypass the tinker toy lock, and plop my stuff down.

I set up my computer and make my bed. I kneel down and thank God for every blessing in my day, including the Academy House and its less than holy aroma. I started Road to Perdition but didn't watch a second off it.

I lay in bed for about 30 minutes with a bombardment of thoughts I can't shake, so I decide to IM my friend and blab her ear off for more than an hour.

I think I finally drifted off at about midnight. The last image in my head was the rows of beat up Civics and mini vans outside, using the street parking, and my stupid BMW sitting in the middle of them with a big red "Violate Me" sign on it.

I fall asleep thinking, "I am not going to have a windshield in the morning."

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