Friday, March 19, 2010

MBA: Public Policy

Obviously ESPN as a company monitors cable television policy and tries to sway it to its favor. Clearly, public policy affecting or potential affecting this gets the most attention from the decision makers at ESPN.

However, for, an issue that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention yet, but that I am intrigued about is Network Neutrality. Briefly, proponents of Net Neutrality favor legislation to get the Internet as an open playing field where no company’s “tubes” get preferential treatment.

Big companies, like ESPN, probably would favor the opposite, where established businesses get preferential treatment over personal blogs and such. So, in terms of personal gain, I hope no legislation is enacted and that there are tiers of networks because that would put us a leg up on some of our smaller competitors. Otherwise, we remain on a level playing field, in terms of network quality, as even the smallest sports and social networking sites.

I am not aware of any action ESPN has taken to influence or deter enactment of policy surrounding Net Neutrality.
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