Friday, March 26, 2010

MBA: Review Of Important Lessons

After completing the course, I have a lot better understanding of the considerations that must be put forth when considering building products. I realize that I was focused almost exclusively on only one of the fundamental forces (degree of rivalry) and tried to combat that solely with speed to market. It’s important to consider the cost of being first to market and how much it actually benefits the company.

The most important thing I took away from the course was the segment on strategy. More specifically, I realized that our group at ESPN was trying to do everything the best: cost leadership, product differentiation, innovation, first to market, etc. I really learned that a successfully strategy means we have to focus on what we can do best.

I need to explore leadership and incentives. We can’t afford to compete salary-wise with some firms for developers. The best thing we can do is create an empowering work atmosphere where our employees enjoy coming to work every day and growing. But we must align that enjoyment and growth with meeting the company’s goals.
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