Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MBA: Rivalry

Your organization might wish to consider new strategies in cost leadership and differentiation. Such an initiative requires a thorough analysis of your industry competitors to assess the efficacy of these possible strategies.

Identify your organization's main rivals.

Traditional Media:









Assess their relative strengths and weaknesses:

Traditional media competitors have the benefit or an inherent large user base and many channels of promotion and distribution. Additionally, sites like NFL.com, MLB.com and NBA.com own the product and control the distribution of it.

Their major weakness is change. They are so big that they have trouble adapting to the changing nature of the Internet. Additionally, there is a lot of process and political overhead that make decision making difficult.

Startups are just the opposite. They are able to quickly and efficiently develop a great product, but typically struggle to get any traction in the form of users. Additionally, startups can struggle to fund their ventures. This also causes a strength because it forces them to be cost efficient.

How would your rivals assess your relative strengths and weaknesses in the competitive arena?

We would be viewed in the traditional media group. Although groups within Digital Media at ESPN.com such as mine are changing that. We operate a lot like a start up, funded by a parent company (ESPN.com). This gives us a lot of the strengths from both, and minimizes the negatives.
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