Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strategic Leadership [MBA]

In preparation for my MBA finals and graduation on April 18, I'm reviewing Strategic Management by Charles Hill and Gareth Jones.

Chapter 1 is Strategic Leadership: Managing the Strategy-Making Process for Competitive Advantage.

As I go back though the book, I am looking for direct application to running Gunner Technology. The section I found most relevant from this chapter was the model for strategic planning, especially step 1: Select the corporate mission and major corporate goals.

Working at ESPN, I always felt the mission statement, vision and goals were a bit too high level. But the books makes a case for their importance and after going through the exercises, I understand how important they can be to set the foundation and culture of a new company such as Gunner Technology. So here we go.

  • Mission: Gunner Technology provides small businesses with custom Web strategies, including visualization, formalization, implementation, management and measurement, that meet and exceed our customers' unique goals of an online presence. 
  • Vision: Small businesses and entrepreneurs are crucial to the nation's economy and will be the next major force online as they move into Internet and Mobile technologies.
  • Values: Gunner Technology values transparency, honesty, trust and equality. If any of those values are lacking on either side, Gunner Technology will not enter into a client relationship. We work hard for mutually beneficial relationships and no client is more important than another.
  • Major Goals: In its first year of operation, Gunner Technology will establish long-term relationships with five clients. We have numerous short-term, time-based projects, but we best benefit ourselves and our clients with ongoing, long-term relationships.
So there you go. As CEO, that's my first pass at Gunner Technology's Mission Statement. It's definitely not set it stone, but that represents pretty clearly what we believe.

What do you think? What do you think of misson statements in general?

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