Friday, March 19, 2010

Technologies: My Horse(s) in the Race

I got into an interesting discussion with @jorgemir the other day.

Basically, we were talking about what to put our chips on in the upcoming year.

Here is what I came up with:
  • Google: The search giant will become known less for search and more as the engine that drives the Internet. With hundreds of awesome and mostly free APIs and tools led by App Engine and an emerging Microsoft killer in Google Apps (Marketplace is amazing), Google has become "most know" technology for developers and consultants
  • Twitter: While I still don't think Twitter will be much in five years, in the next three, it's going to be huge. If Google is the engine that powers the Internet, Twitter is and will be the communication lines. And Twitter has always been a model citizen in keeping these lines open to developers.
  • Facebook: To continue with the metaphor, Facebook is where people go to hang out. It's the lounge or sports bar or poolhall of the Internet. With increasing and better developer options, most importantly, Facebook Connect, developers and consultants look foolish if they aren't intimately familiar with Facebook
  • Wordpress: Wordpress is not a blogging tool. It's publishing software and gives developers and consultants a quick, easy and customizable way to give any time of business a serious presence online.
  • Javascript/HTML5/CSS3: We talked about the engine, but Javascript will be the gears on that engine. Not surprisingly, many of Google's APIs rely on Javascript. It's the de facto language of the Internet and HTML5 will provide the canvas on which those gears turn. Finally, the advent of CSS3 will allow eloquent design of the canvas, which Javascript will manipulate.
  • iPhone: The new Web browser.
I was a bit surprised that no server languages made my list. I was bullish on Ruby until I played around with Python. Basically, I've come to realize that languages are irrelevant. It's becoming trivial to write in a high level language and have it compile into a lower one. They evolve and they're all approaching a pyramid tip. Javascript is the exception because it is ubiquitous. 

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