Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can Entrepreneurs Go It Alone Without Co-Founders?

ReadWrite start posed the question: Can Entrepreneurs Go It Alone Without Co-Founders?

Lewis also argues that it is highly unlikely that entrepreneurs will find their emotional match when seeking a co-founder, but I think that is exactly why having a co-founder is a good position. If you want your co-founder to be a "yes man" clone of yourself, then yes, you might as well go it alone, but the point of having a co-founder is to have a diversity of opinions and perspectives. Sure, both founders should be passionate about their product, but they don't have to be a perfect match to make it work.
Chris Cameron, the author of the post, misses the point. Emotional match does not mean someone who thinks someone exactly like you. It means what he is arguing for. Someone who can keep you in check and can match you on an emotional level, which is very rare.

I think, if you can, go without a co-founder. If you clearly lack a skill, try to hire someone first and only get a co-founder if you're not successful there.

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