Monday, April 5, 2010

Digg’s Kevin Rose: “One Of Us Has To Leave”

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Digg’s Kevin Rose: “One Of Us Has To Leave”

In sports and in business, winning cures all.

Such was the case with Digg.

Digg was once must viewing. The scrappy little startup overtook Slashdot as the place to get tech news.

Then it tried to cross the chasm and fell in.

Yes, as much as some will vehemently deny it, Digg has jumped the shark.

By the way, did you know "Digg" wanted the name "Dig," but Disney owned the name (Disney Internet Group)? Moreover, "Dig" is no more. It's now "DIMG" pronounced "DIM-Gee" and stands for Disney Internet Media Group.

Anyway, now that Digg is on its way down, Jay Adelson is on his way out. Apparently he and founder Kevin Rose butted heads a bit and Adelson is now stepping down as CEO, the role Rose now takes along with chairman.

Had Digg been able to cross the chasm and joined the mainstream, this never would have happened. Was this Adelson's fault?

No idea.

Should Digg have sold to a major media company a while ago? Definitely. I would have liked to have seen what a New York Times or CNN could do with a site like Digg.

MSNBC bought Newsvine and did nothing with it, but Newsvine already was dead on the vine.

Unfortunately, I think Newsvine will end up being more relevant than Digg in four years.

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