Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Founders & CEOs: Who Is More Expendable? [ReadWriteStart]

Digg front page on May 7, 2009Image via Wikipedia
I just read this Read/Write/Start article and kind of chuckled.

Who is more expendable? A CEO or a founder?

That's like saying what is a better tool a screwdriver or a hammer?

The answer is, of course, "it depends."

The CEO, in most cases, is the company manager, operating the day-to-day while the founder is the face of the company, envelopes the overall brand and provides a vision.

So, in order to determine which is more expendable, we'd have to look at the company's situation.

Is it operating smoothly and efficiently and has an established brand? If so, then the founder probably is more expendable.

Are operations a mess and the brand growing? CEO can go.

In Digg's case, I think the founder was more expendable.

I don't think Digg had an operations problem. I think it was a vision and brand problem.

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