Tuesday, April 13, 2010

History Channel Gets a Badge! (never mind the cost)

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Just saw over at Mashable that the History Channel is Launching a Foursquare Campaign and a New Badge.

That's pretty cool. I mean, the History Channel, along with Family Guy, Breaking Bad and The Office is one of the few things on television worth watching.

But... I think the price tag could be steep. As in $10,000 a month steep.

Is having a badge really worth that? Even if you attract every Foursquare user (probably about a million of them), does that equal positive ROI? I don't know.

But more realistically, History Channel can probably expect about 2-5 percent of Foursquare's user base to be exposed to this.

Yes, yes. I know dollars aren't the only thing that matter in the Social Media realm.

But is this really worth it?

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