Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Message Board Admins are dead. Long live Community Managers

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Got to admit, I got a good chuckle from reading 10 Fresh Tips for Community Managers over at Mashable.

Back when I used to work for the Gainesville Sun, running GatorSports.com, one of my main responsibilities was to administer the old, old, old phpBB message boards.

My best story was when I developed an application called the Zook-O-Meter.

It was a terribly designed Flash app that was nothing more than a simple poll aside from the fact that it was laid out with then-head Florida Gators football coach Ron Zook's face as the background to what looked like ship dials.

The community voted for an option once a week, ranging from Fire His Ass to Steve, who?

Usually, the dial hung around Fire His Ass, and the message board folks got so pissed off.

They claimed I was trying to sabotage the Gators and turn recruits away by making it look like Gators fans were not loyal.

Yet, they just keep voting to Fire His Ass, which happened a year later.

The post from Jolie O'Dell reminds my how much the Internet changes and how much it remains the same.

The tips she lays out are as good today as they were seven years ago. SEVEN?!

But now, the conversations a "Community Manager" manages extend well beyond in-house message boards.

Plus you get a fancier title now.

Give me a shout out if you're an old school message board admin. Love to hear your best stories.
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