Friday, April 9, 2010

Social Media: Does every business need it? [Hint: no]

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If you haven't, check out Social Media Marketing Overload? Some Tips for Startups over at ReadWriteStart.

It's got some good tips for businesses looking to leverage Social Media for marketing.

The best one is the "Use the services which you're most comfortable." In order to get anything out of a Social Media Marketing campaign, you have to know the network.

Don't just blast stuff to every network under the sun. It's a turn off, trust me.

However, what really got me about this post was the author's contention that sparked my interest.

"It is widely accepted that social media has transformed the landscape of marketing radically, and no longer can businesses - no matter their size or stage of development - afford to avoid social media."

That's just not true.

At Gunner Technology, we encourage almost all of our clients to leverage Social Media, but a couple we have told to stay away from it.

One such company is a bio-medical training company that trains medical practitioners how to conduct medical research.

Spending resources on Social Media just doesn't make sense here. Any resources (time is money) would be better spent going toward a PPC or SEO campaign.

So, yes, Social Media is a great platform to engage and reach customers, but it's not necessary.
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